Rimeco enters new recycling segment

31. August 2018

RIMECO – Enters new recycling segment. The steel market is very volatile and undergoing constant changes related to evolutions in the world energy and commodity markets. The last years have been challenging with major decreases in energy, iron ore and scrap prices. With our dedicated and internationally oriented team, RIMECO is well placed to adapt to the huge geographical shifts in supply and production in the current world market. RIMECO always looks for new opportunities, both on a product as wells as on a customer level.

RIMECO has entered into the market of recycling and recovery of end waste & by-products coming from the shredder operations of cars, household- and white appliances, which normally would have been classified as waste.

Klaus Peter Riggelsen, CEO RIMECO Aktieselskab, comments:

“We aim at finding recyclable solutions for specific and diversified material streams, which for years have been the core business of RIMECO, but this is a new step for us, representing a whole new market segment with potential future opportunities. It’s a strategic choice to invest in this market segment and enlarge our product scope.”