How to recycle a power plant

On Thursday the 23rdof May, close to noon, a huge blast echoed over the harbour area in Aabenraa, and 9.000 tons of steel went tumbling to the ground, giving rise to a vast cloud of dust and debris. Just five seconds after the demolition expert pushed the big, red button it was all over – a brief, spectacular event that took months of hard work to prepare.

For us at Rimeco the demolition of the boiler building was a milestone in our yearlong effort to take down and recycle almost every bit of one of Denmark’s biggest coal-fired power plants, Enstedværket in Aabenraa, and our work will continue for at least another year.

To honour all the employees that each and every day lay down hard labour to make this project a success, we have produced a short video showing not just the spectacular demolition, but also what it took to make it happen.