Hand sanitiser and shift working

16. April 2020

Production is running at full speed and every employee at Rimeco is highly needed. We are all working hard to find new routines to replace the ones we can no longer rely on. At all our sites our employees are now shift working in small assigned groups to ensure proper distance and to minimize the risk of spread, while at the same time sustaining production capacity. Cleaning equipment and common areas has become a highly frequent and shared task.

Only a handful of employees are manning our office these days as many are working diligently from home. Dispensers containing hand sanitizer is set up to greet everybody who steps through the door as well as on every desk in use. The usual heavy demand for our meeting rooms has vanished overnight – and replaced by video conferences. Disinfecting desks, keyboards and phones is no longer just a job for the cleaning staff – it is one of our new routines.

Hand sanitiser in office