Expanding in Aabenraa

During the past months we have been working diligently at expanding our activities at Aabenraa Harbour.

As our task of demolishing and recycling the condemned power plant, Enstedværket, is nearing its end, more and more space is freed up for new industry. With a water depth of 18 meters the harbour is accessible for even the largest freighters and as the industrial harbour is well shielded from the city and the marina it is a desirable site for heavy industry.

As a part of our growth strategy we have expanded our commercial lease at Aabenraa Harbour with another 10.000 sqm in order to expand our sorting activities and establish new storage sites for steel and metal in close vicinity to the port.

New weighbridge – for everyone

At Rimeco we receive and ship off numerous trucks on a daily basis and access to swift and easy weighing is essential to our business – as well as to our many neighbouring businesses. As a consequence of this need, we have established a fully verified, automatic truck weighbridge at the entrance to our site at Aabenraa Harbour.

The weighbridge has a capacity of 80 tonnes and is able to service trucks up to 24 meters.

The weighbridge is built for self-servicing and is accessible for anyone with a need for weighing. Standard cargo price is DKK 4 per tonne. Please contact sgn@rimeco.dk if you are interested in being registered as a user of the weighbridge.

Rimeco expanding in Aabenraa