Lowering our impact

During this spring we have implemented a new sorting plant at Kolding Harbour in order to live up to the sharpened tolerance requirements of the steel mills. The plant sorts out dirt, insulation and nonmarketable metals prior to shipment and on average five percent of the weight is sorted out for processing at our granulation plant in Aabenraa.

It is our duty to lower our impact

Transport is a significant cost and represents a substantial environmental impact for our industry wherefore it is our duty to lower our need for transportation in any possible way. One way of ensuring this is to ship only clean materials and we are proud that we now do this successfully. Five percent may not seem as much, but in the end it all adds up.

Sustainability is high priority

At Rimeco we gladly accept the responsibility for ensuring that sustainability is among our highest priorities every day – not just when it comes to our end products, but also regarding our internal processes. We actively support the UN’s 17 goals for sustainable development, and we are constantly focused at optimizing sustainability in our processes as well as lowering the environmental impact of our activities.

Rimeco - lowering our impact