Turning offshore wind turbine towers into fresh steel

14. September 2020

At the moment Esbjerg Harbour is the daily workplace for a handful of our employees. On one of the farthest docks ten offshore wind turbine towers have been brought in from the North Sea. For years they have literally turned the rough western winds into green electricity, but now they are outworn by the harsh, salty environment.

From scrap to fresh steel

They will be replaced by new, larger and even tougher wind-turbines. Our task is to ensure, that the old towers are decommissioned, and that every bit and piece of steel is recycled. We cut the towers into manageable pieces, sort them and ship them off to European steel-mills that will turn them into fresh and usable steel – perhaps some of it will even be used for new wind turbines.

Recycled materials now supply 40 percent of the global raw materials need. We are on a journey towards 100 percent!

Rimeco turning offshore wind turbine towers into fresh steel