Working 5 to 22

29. March 2021

The demand for granulated and processed metal fractions has during the past few years steadily increased, and it only continues to do so. In order to honour the demand, we have launched a two-shift operation at our granulation plant in Aabenraa, keeping the plant in operation from 5am to 10pm.

We recycle 99,5 percent

We are now capable of processing residual fractions at our two expanded sorting- and granulation plants in Aabenraa – sorting and recycling metal fractions as well as plastic fractions. Accordingly, we are now able to recycle as much as 99,5 percent of all materials we receive, including materials that are traditionally exported to eastern countries.


Throughout our more than 130 years of history we have spotted a resource where others only saw waste and we have continuously developed our ability to retrieve even more from this resource. We are proud that our competences within this field now ensure that we not only contribute to, but in some areas also lead, the green transition that is fundamental to a sustainable future.

Rimeco Granulation Plant in Aabenraa