Rimeco acquires ENV3

Agreement about the demolition of the power plant Enstedværket was signed Friday June 30th, 2017.

The municipality of Aabenraa will be the future owner of the site, on which block 3 of Enstedværket is situated. DONG Energy made an agreement with the recycling company Rimeco A/S about the demolition of block 3, and the municipality of Aabenraa has made an agreement with Rimeco about the acquisition of the site. The agreements will be signed on June 30th.

After lengthy negotiations an agreement was made in which DONG Energy sells block 3 of Enstedværket along with the site on which it is located to Rimeco, who will demolish the plant. Rimeco has made an agreement with the municipality of Aabenraa that the municipality will purchase the site, once the plant has been demolished.

The agreement is made to ensure the space for trade and industry development in the municipality of Aabenraa. The site is located close to town and still near the motorway. The cooling ducts belonging to the plant is an asset in establishing companies that have high cooling requirements.

During the last decade, DONG Energy has reduced the number of power plants and converted a significant part of them to be biomass fuelled instead of coal fuelled. Enstedværket is not a part of the forward-looking plans of DONG Energy. For that reason, DONG Energy is selling the plant to Rimeco.

Mayor Thomas Andresen views the acquisition of the site at Ensted as a strategical purchase that can open up for new possibilities for the municipality of Aabenraa.

– We will use the area to attract large new job-creating companies and new types of companies, where we can see that the existing cooling ducts can be a valuable asset. With this investment, we are thinking long-term and we are ensuring interesting industrial areas close to town for future development of the city of Aabenraa. We are already having a dialogue with companies that have an interest in the area and in the two cooling ducts, says Thomas Andresen.

The new area will not replace anything on the present, active Harbour of Aabenraa. Chairman Erwin Andresen of Aabenraa Havn is satisfied with the agreement:

– The deal was made in a reciprocal understanding between us and the municipality. We have already acquired a site out there, and we look forward to developing the area together, Erwin Andresen points out.

The task of demolishing block 3 is far more comprehensive than the demolition of block 2, which ends in 2017. The amount of concrete and steel to be demolished and removed is far greater and the height of the chimney makes the task a lot bigger.

– We have acquired the area of block 3 and taken on the demolition task because it is part of our core competencies. And by doing so, we believe that we can help increase the interest in Aabenraa as a business and industry city, says Klaus Riggelsen, CEO of Rimeco A/S.

DONG Energy is satisfied with the agreement.

– We are pleased that the future of the site of Enstedværket has been determined. For many years, we have run the plant and ensured electricity and heat to the area. But as we are increasing the amount of solar and wind power in our electricity system, the need for Enstedværket, among others, has disappeared. For this reason, it is a very positive thing that the area gets a new owner and is developed for the benefit of the local community, which we have been a part of for many years, says Anders Christian Nordstrøm, Commercial Manager in DONG Energy.

The two agreements will be signed June 30th at 1.30 pm.

Thereafter, the process of receiving the necessary permits for shutting down and demolishing the power plant begins.

The size of the area is 134.000 square meters.
Block 3 of the power plant is demolished over a period of 2.5 years, and the demolition and ensuing reestablishment of the area is expected to finish in 2020.

Municipality of Aabenraa: Mayor Thomas Andresen, tel.: +45 40 15 45 50
Dong Energy: Press Advisor Carsten Birkeland Kjær, tel.: +45 99 55 77 65
Rimeco A/S: CEO Klaus Peter Riggelsen, tel.: +45 40 11 28 82