New industrial harbour

In the spring, Rimeco – as part of a consortium – acquired another closed down power plant, Stigsnæsværket, for demolition and recycling. Included in the acquisition is the power plant’s associated harbour, Stigsnæs Transithavn. With a water depth of 18 meters, Stigsnæs Transithavn is one of Europe’s deepest harbours, strategically located to conveniently reach most of Zealand and Funen within an hour’s drive.

Swift and easy access

During the past nine months, we at Rimeco, and our partners, have spent hours upon hours planning the huge work ahead of us, and in early 2020 we will be ready to initiate the process of demolishing the plant – and in particular developing the harbour!

It is our explicit goal to turn Stigsnæs Transithavn into one of Denmark’s most efficient and widescale industrial harbours attracting customers that demand swift and easy access to the Scandinavian markets, and we look forward to being able to reveal more details from this exciting project during 2020.