Another year (almost) over

2019 has been a positive and eventful year at Rimeco. We have succeeded at generating substantial growth within our core business of selling and reselling scrap metals, and at the same time we have expanded into new business areas.

Power plants and a new harbour

While the demolition of our first closed down power plant, Enstedværket in Aabenraa, has proceeded according to plan, we decided to enter into yet another power plant business opportunity. In the spring Rimeco, as part of a consortium, acquired yet another closed down power plant, Stigsnæsværket on Zealand, for demolition and recycling. Included in the acquisition is the plant’s associated harbour – one of Europe’s deepest harbours. In the years to come, it will be among our tasks to develop the harbour into one of Denmark’s most efficient and widescale industrial harbours (read more here), and we look forward to presenting more details during 2020.

Growing within processed metals

In 2019, we also decided to strengthen our growing business within processing of recycled materials. As a part of this decision we have thoroughly updated and refurbished our granulation and shredder facility in Aabenraa, enabling us to multiply our production speed, and at the same time achieve an extremely high degree of purity of the processed metals. Read more here. 

Positive expectations

2019 has been a year of expansion, and we are grateful to all our employees and our loyal partners for the dedication and diligence that has been exercised throughout all tasks. Thanks to each and all of you!

We look forward to 2020 with positive expectations. We experience a sound and stable demand for raw materials in the industry, as well as a positive development in the market. However often the ghost of recession has been conjured up in 2019, we see no signs of lower activity in 2020 – on the contrary we expect to continue our stable growth.