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Rimeco takes over Hals Metal A/S

Rimeco buys all activities in bankrupt Hals Metal A/S

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Rimeco buys all activities in bankrupt Hals Metal A/S


Through its whole owned subsidiary company, Hals Metal Recycling Aktieselskab, Rimeco has with effect from September 17th. bought all activities in Hals Metal A/S. Hals Metal was founded in 1988 but went into bankruptcy on July 15th. 2021. The Rimeco group was founded more than 130 years ago and has widespread activities within trade and recycling of steel scrap and metals. 

The recycling business is in rapid development and over the last years Rimeco has also established a branch at Aabenraa Industrihavn, where complex metal fractions are being sorted, including used cables and electronic waste. 

The synergy between the two companies can be found in many places which is why the takeover of Hals Metal is a good decision. 

Apart from processing of used cables, Hals Metal also holds environmental approval for recycling of lead and transformers, that require heating in the process. 

‘For many years we have known Hals Metal as an interesting company with a good workforce and management. It is our ambition to invest in the site and upgrade the activities’, says Rimeco CEO and owner Klaus Peter Riggelsen. 

Commercial activities will be handled from the office in Aabenraa, where Rimeco’s staff has many years of experience in the recycling business. 

For further information please contact CEO Klaus Peter Riggelsen at +45 40 11 28 82 ( or PA Tine Uldall at +45 20 69 98 58 (


About Rimeco
Rimeco Aktieselskab is a fifth-generation family owned company with headquarters in Aabenraa, Denmark. Our roots go back to 1888. 

Rimeco is very focused on sustainability and activities today are in Aabenraa, Kolding, Hals and several places in Sweden, Norway and Germany. 

Rimeco Granulation Plant in Aabenraa

Working 5 to 22

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Working 5 to 22

29. March 2021

The demand for granulated and processed metal fractions has during the past few years steadily increased, and it only continues to do so. In order to honour the demand, we have launched a two-shift operation at our granulation plant in Aabenraa, keeping the plant in operation from 5am to 10pm.

We recycle 99,5 percent

We are now capable of processing residual fractions at our two expanded sorting- and granulation plants in Aabenraa – sorting and recycling metal fractions as well as plastic fractions. Accordingly, we are now able to recycle as much as 99,5 percent of all materials we receive, including materials that are traditionally exported to eastern countries.


Throughout our more than 130 years of history we have spotted a resource where others only saw waste and we have continuously developed our ability to retrieve even more from this resource. We are proud that our competences within this field now ensure that we not only contribute to, but in some areas also lead, the green transition that is fundamental to a sustainable future.

Rimeco Granulation Plant in Aabenraa
99,5 percent pure copper

99,5 percent pure recycled metals

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99,5 percent pure recycled metals

20. December 2019

Every day, five days a week, we produce 50 tonnes of copper, aluminium and iron from worn out cables and automotive shredder residue. All 99,5 percent pure and ready to be recycled!

During the past year, we have thoroughly updated and refurbished our granulation and shredder facility in Aabenraa, enabling us to multiply our production speed, and at the same time achieve an extremely high degree of purity.

Ready for the furnace

Through a meticulous process involving multiple steps the granulated material is sorted into types of metal, while unwanted materials, such as plastic and rubber are removed. The result is a cutting-edge 99,5 percent pure metal, ready to go straight into the furnace!

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